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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jif Whips "Peanut Butter Floating" TV Commercial with Colleen Ryan, Joey Luthman, John Marshall Jones, Colleen Ryan, and Timi Prulhiere

Here is a screenshot for the ad.

Joey Luthman, playing the store clerk. He is really young but has an already huge resume, check him out on IMDB

John Marshall Jones, playing the store manager. He has well as done a long list of tv and movie spots.

Colleen Ryan, in the yellow sweater (I think). If it is her, she is also in the Neflix and Lay's Nail Salon ads.

And Timi Prulhiere, who plays the lady that grabs a floating package. She has also done a ton of tv and movie spots.

Here is the ad:

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