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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Volkwagen's "Best Thing Ever Event" "Parrot - This Guy" TV Commercial with Echo and Kristen MacDonald

So, here is Echo in a screenshot from the ad. Echo and trainer Sarah Hoeft were on America's Got Talent in 2011. Echo performs @ The Animal Gardens in Wisconsin.

This is Tristen Macdonald, playing the girlfriend/wife in the ad.

And here is the ad:

Geico "Spelling Old MacDonald / Farmer, Cow E-I-E-I-O" TV Commercial with and Monique Edwards

Here is a screenshot of the farmer/Old MacDonald, apparently its Tim Conway. Find it hard to believe, since he was just on Jay Leno and never mentioned it.

Laris Jackson plays the farmer, thanks to Kay for the correction

Monique Edwards, plays the gal in the lunchroom.

Here is the ad:

California Department of Public Health's, Network for a Healthy California "Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes I didn't know" TV Commercial

The following ad is now airing in California, with a eat more fruits and vegetables campaign. The ad's target audience is the Latino Community (their words, not mine) and a lot of people are offended, think the ad is depressing, etc etc. My only problem is that most of my Latino friends already eat a ton of fruit and vegetables, and introduced me to Mexican Fruit Salad with chili and lime. I added the recipe below, it's amazing and if you have never had it, you must ... its healthy and its so great!! In fact, there is a new chili spice called Tajin, which would be perfect or you can use whatever you have on hand.

Here is the ad:

Here is the recipe:
Ingredients: Cut up the following in same size chunk pieces:
Mango, pineapple, papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, cucumber, jicama, and shaved coconut
Then squeeze about 1 tablespoon of lime over one bowl of the fruit and vegetable mixture
Add kosher or sea salt and Tajin or Pico de Gallo chili spice to flavor, ENJOY!
If you dont want to purchase all of these fruits, you can get plastic containers of chunked fruit at any market, then just add the lime juice, kosher salt and chili spice.

Applebees 2 for $20 "Roll the proof" TV Commercial with Carl the chef

Here is a screenshot for the ad, featuring Carl the chef (still looking for who he is).

And here is the ad:

Arlen's Transmission in Burbank, CA "Shift It!" TV Commercial with Goorgen Zargarian

Here is a screenshot for the ad.

And here is Goorgen Zargarian, owner and maker of this video.

And here is George's ad:

Friday, August 30, 2013

Geico "Money Man on the Motorcycle" TV Commercial with Mike McGlone

Does anyone know who the Money Man is? There are a few articles describing the marketing strategies for the Money Man, and I dont care about that. I have a degree in Business and I can figure it for myself. But who is the actor?

Could it be? Mike McGlone
Correct me if I am wrong.

Here is the logo: You dont need to be made of money to afford Geico Insurance and here is the video clip:

Here is another Geico Money Man ad, I havent seen this where I live, but I was able to find it on YouTube.

Samsung Galaxy S4 "You're out of matches" TV Commercial with Nick Toren, Ingrid Haas, & Mapuana Makia

This ad features Nick Toren, plays the husband, who is also in the most recent Volkswagon Commercial (

Ingrid Haas, plays the wife; she is also in the AT&T Road Trip commercial (

and Mapuana Makia, who plays the friend.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

6th Street Bridge "Used in movies, tv shows, commercials" L.A. California

Here is one great shot of the 6th st bridge, located in Los Angeles, CA. Its been used in so many movies, tv shows, and commercials; I am pretty sure that there is a huge waiting list to book the bridge for film work. It was used in the movie, Drive, with Ryan Gosling and in one of the T-Mobile ads, shown below.

Here is a screenshot from the T-Mobile ad that used the bridge:

If you are interested in more history on the bridge, you can go to its site, it's very cool!

Here is a list of movies using the bridge:
Drive In Time To Live and Die in L.A. Grease Freaky Friday Be Cool National Security Terminator 2 Terminator 3 Gone in 60 Seconds SWAT Repo Man The Mask That Man Bolt Hot Rod Girl Blue Thunder My Family Zombie Apocalypse Blood In Blood Out Dirty Playing God Horrible Bosses

Music videos:
Madonna video for What It Feels Like For A Girl single Transplants video for Gangsters and Thugs single System of a Down video for Lonely Day single INXS video for Afterglow Pussycat Dolls video for Don't Cha Pussycat Dolls video for Stickwitu Blink 182 video for Down Kanye West video for Jesus Walks Kid Rock video for American Bad Ass Ne-Yo video for Beautiful Monster Avril Lavigne video for What The Hell 30 Seconds to Mars video for Kings and Queens Tyga video for "Reminded" Foo Fighters video for "Walk" Usher video for My Way Bruno Mars video for Grenade Christina Milian video for "Say I" Ray J video for "What I Need" Chris Brown video for Deuces Far East Movement video for "Rocketeer" The D.O.C video for "It's Funky Enough" Limp Bizkit video for "Gold Cobra" Pixie Lott video for "All About Tonight" (2011) Everlast video for "Long At All" (2012) Conor Maynard video for "Turn Around" (2012) Cheryl Cole video for "Call My Name" (2012) Zedd video for "Clarity" (2012) The Lonely Island video for "Yolo" (2013)

Lost episode of Through the Looking Glass The starting location of The Amazing Race 15 24 - Season 3 - Episode 22 L.A. Heat - episode "Little Saigon" (1999) Melrose Place - Pilot (2009)

And video games:
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas L.A. Noire Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Grand Theft Auto 5

Coco's "Good Chicken" TV Commercial

Here is a screenshot for the ad. No info yet on the actors; Coco's is only in Arizona, California, and Nevada (if this ad is not familiar to you).

Here is the ad:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Honda Summer Clearance "Ceiling fan, Return engagement ring, Spray tan" TV Commercials

Here is a screenshot from the Return ad. I am listing 3 of the "helpful" ads; these were the funniest. I dont know who the actors are; I was lucky enough to find the videos.

Return the engagement ring:

Help fix the ceiling fan:

What shades of spray tan for vacation?:

Cascade Platinum "Girlfriend Jealousy" TV Commercial with Beth Littleford and Jenna Macari

Here is a screenshot of the ad.

Here is Beth Littleford, who plays the counselor to break up the argument. Look her up, she has a great resume that includes Broadway, TV. and movies!

Here is Jenna Macari, one of the girlfriends; really pretty and great start with tv and movies!

Here is the ad:

Bing "Maddie in elevator/Mesopotamia" TV Commercial with Joey King

Here is a screenshot for the ad. The couple in the elevator are also in 2 other Bing Scroogled ads, sadly I dont know who they are.

Here is Joey King. She has a great resume: (Crazy, Stupid Love and White House Down).

Here is the ad:

Monday, August 26, 2013

International Delight "Hazelnut/Bouncer" TV Commercial with Anthony Alabi and Gail Bianchi

Here is a screenshot for the ad.

Here is Anthony Alabi who plays the bouncer; he has also done movies and tv.

And Gail Bianchi, who plays the friends. Gail also sings so I included one of her performances below, she is really talented. Does anyone else think she looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Here are B.L.O.O.P.E.R.S.:
Here is the ad:

Here is Gail's performance:

Nationwide "Burglar/Brand new belongings" TV Commercial with Julia Roberts, Jana Kramer, Cameron Gharaee, and Dusty Sorg. Music by Gin Wigmore

Here is a screenshot for the featuring Jana Kramer who plays Cat Woman, more about her below.

Jana Kramer, has already done a ton of movies and TV Shots; she was in Click, with Adam Sandler, too!

Cameron Gharaee, plays one of the burglars; you can google him, looks like he is Jack of all Trades!

And Dusty Sorg, the other burglar; also popular in movies and tv.

Here is the ad:

Pepsi Next "Baby Dancer/Tricks" TV Commercial with Tate Ellington and Jon Overgaauw

Here is the screenshot for the ad. The baby/CGI is played by Jon Overgaauw (his picture and info below).

Jon Overgaauw, you can see what work he has done @ IMDB.COM. He works as an actor and stuntman.

And here is Tate Ellington who plays the dad. He's done quite a few movie and tv spots, check him out @ IMDB.COM.

Here is the ad:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jack in the Box "Really Big Chicken Combos / Genius Director" with Jeffrey Vincent Parise & Matt Champagne

Here is a screenshot for the ad. Lots of people in this ad, I've only found two actors.

Here is Jeffrey Vincent Parise who plays the genius director (more like genius actor). He has a fantastic work history (Castle, General Hospital), check him out on IMDB.

Matt Champagne, plays ?. He has done lots of tv and movies: And he is probably a commedian as well.

Here is the ad:

Swiffer Sweeper TV Commercial with Morty and Lee Kaufman (Yay!)

Here is a screenshot of Morty and Lee Kaufman, real people, married ... I think the new spokespeople for Swiffer!!

And here is the ad:

Cottonelle Toilet Paper "Bum Wipes" TV Commercial with Cherry Healey

Here is a screenshot for the ad

And here is Cherry Healey, talking about bum wipes.

Here is the ad:

2013 Volkswagen Passat “Best Thing Ever / Dinner Table” TV Commercial with Dalton Miller, Nick Toren, and Sarah Pierce

Here is a screenshot for the ad. You can see the Mom in the background, she is the only one that I dont have a name for.

Here is the screenshot for the ad. Sooooooo funny; would be my pick for the week!

Here is Dalton Miller, who plays the son.

Nick Toren, playing the Dad.

And Sarah Pierce, playing the daughter>

Here is the ad:

Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup "Mother-in-law / Ninja" TV Commercial with Jimmy Callahan

Here is a screenshot for the ad. I do not have this gal's name nor the actress that plays the mother-in-law; if you know, let me know.

And here is Jimmy Callahan, who plays the Progresso employee.

Here is the ad:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maybelline of New York Fit Me Stick Foundation TV Commercial with Emily DiDonato, Jessica White, Sara Sampaio

Here is a screenshot for the ad.

Here is model, Emily DiDonato, stunning!

Here is model, Jessica White, more stunning!

And model, Sara Sampaio, keep bringing that stunning!

Here is the ad: