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Friday, August 31, 2012

That would be harder is driving me nuts!

I worked for a year on my Master's in Public Health, so I understand program planning, health education, target audiences, and the need for change. There are a few commercials that are currently running for the Champions for Change Campaign. And a couple of local channels run it 10 times an hour, at least, it seems. TMZ comes on at 3pm, and I think this ad runs every 5 minutes, its soooo annoying. Whats worse is that I can clearly see who their target audience is and I can assure you they arent watching TMZ @ 3pm!! They are either at work or picking up their kids. It seems like a waste of time to run this ad during TMZ and Anderson Cooper's show. Both shows air controversial subject matter, I dont see how parents with little kids would be watching.

The commercial is as annoying as the anti-smoking tv ads and the ads for abused animals; you know, you grab the remote and change the channel as fast as you can. Jeesh, they run the ads over and over, until you dont want to turn on the tube at all. So, lucky me, I get to hear Harvey Levin run down bits and pieces of the NRC and then when its commercial time, I get to hear this public health announcement, that believe me, no one is watching. Your average TMZ viewer is not a middle class, low income parent who doesnt know how to feed their kids.

Here is the ad:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summerville Sausage with Jamison Reeves

Here is the ad:

Sprint "Graduation" TV Commercial with Darsan Solomon

Here is Darsan Solomon, currently in the Sprint Graduation TV commercial; he completely makes the ad rememberable and hysterical. Every time I see him he just cracks me up.

And you tube is going thru and disabling my videos --

Target "Back To School" TV Commercial with Ben Falcone (Piano Player)

Here is Ben Falcon, he is married to Melissa McCarthy who both had a role in Bridesmaids. Ben is the teacher who plays the piano in the Target back to school commercial.

Here is the ad:

Geico Insurance TV Commercial, Kali Muscle; body builder & traffic control

Geico has yet another commercial. This one stars body builder, Kali Muscle, who controls street traffic while flexing his muscles. Great job Kali!

You can find more on Kali, on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube and

Here is the video:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DOW "Olympic Hopeful" TV Commercial & Plant Man

Here is the DOW Olympic Hopeful TV Commercial with The Plant Man who looks hopeful to compete while trying to conserve on energy.

Here is the ad:

Chevy Malibu Eco TV Commercial with Spandau Ballet "True" and the sing-alongs!

Here are Ben Weber and T.J. Thyne. T.J. is the driver in the Chevy Malibu Eco TV commercial, where everyone is singing "True" by Spandau Ballet, but he turns off the radio so that he can check his Eco settings. I dont know the female actresses.

Here is the ad:

Clorox Bleach 2011 "Uncle Steve" TV Commercial with Mike Rad & Mary Jessica Pitts

Here is Mike Rad and Mary Jessica Pitts in one of the funniest tv ads of 2011. Mike plays Uncle Steve and Mary places niece Becky. Uncle Steve comes out of the bathroom using her tweezers and wearing her bathrobe. So, she uses Chlorox to basically clean her bathrobe and (probably her tweezers).

Here is the ad: