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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kool-Aid "It's a jug life" TV Commercial and Frank Simms

Here is a screenshot from one of the new TV ads from Kool-Aids newest campaigns, "The Jug Life".

And here is Frank Simms, who has mostly been the voice of the Kool-Aid pitcher, however, I am not sure that he is the voice for this newest campaign.

Here is the ad:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Buick Verano "The Sheets" & Buick Regal Turbo "The Quilt" TV commercial & Laurence Michael Brown

Here is Laurence Michael Brown, in two different Buick TV ads. Dont know who the other actors are.

Here is one of the ads:

Dannon Oikos "Look, I'm doing better" TV Yogurt commercial with John Stamos and Michelle Lawrence

Here is a screenshot of the latest Dannon Oikos TV ad.
If you know who plays the boyfriend, let me know, thanks!

Here is the awesome John Stamos.

And Michelle Lawrence, who portrays the girlfriend. She has been in several movies and a handful of tv spots.

Here is the ad:

Subway "Badonkadonk" TV Commercial and Aaron Krebs

Here is a screenshot of a funny Subway TV ad.

Here is Aaron Krebs who plays the ordering customer.

Here is the ad:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 Lincoln MKX "Obsession" TV Commercial with Jackson McQueen & Chris Marrs

Here is a screenshot of the funny Lincoln LMX Obsession ad.

Here is Chris Marrs who plays the would be passenger with the coffee.

And Jackson McQueen as the owner/driver of the new Lincoln. I would do the same as him, You're not getting in my car!"

Here is the ad:

HTC One "Blink Feed" Dig TV Commercial

Here is a screenshot for the ad, have no idea who the two actors, please let me know, if you know!

Here is the ad:

KFC "I ate the bones" TV commercial with Khamani Griffin & Dorien Wilson

Here is Dorien Wilson, who plays the father n the ad.

And Khamani Griffin, who plays the son. Most recognizable as the cutie in Daddy Day Care.

Here is the ad:
So funny, I could totally see eating the chicken then spacing out thinking that I must've eaten the bones as well, lol.

M&M's Easter TV Ad with J.K. Simmons (Yellow M&M) and Billy West (Red M&M)

Here is J.K. Simmons, established actor and voice of the Yellow M&M

And his cohort, Billy West, who does numerous voices for tv and movies

Here is just one ad of several:

Farmer's Insurance "Get smarter" Trampoline TV Commercial with J.K. Simmons

Here is J.K. Simmons, does several Farmer's ads, often plays the Dad in movies, and is the voice for the yellow M&M in tv ads. Check him out on IMDB because his resume is quite lengthy.

Here is the ad:

Friday, May 24, 2013

V8 Mommy has a french fry "Could've had a V8" TV Commercial with baby

Have no idea who the actresses are. Its pretty funny, except when she talks.

Here is the ad:

Ford Focus "Go Further" Chinese Food TV Commercial

Here is a screenshot of the Ford Focus Chinese Food TV Commercial, its pretty funny! Have no idea who the actors, let me know if you know.

Here is the ad:

TV Boss Ad Council TV Commercial "Chainsaw"

Here is a screenshot of just one of many ads to screen tv for your kids. Have no idea who the actress or actor is, they're great though!

Here is the ad:

Target "Acceptance" TV Commercial

Love this commercial; congrats to all the college bound students!

The song is called "Soldier" by Ingrid Michaelson

Here is the ad (and shop Target or donate)

Arby's: King's Hawaiian Roast Beef Sandwich “Ono” TV Commercial & Kalani Robb

Here is a screen shot of Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich on King's Hawaiian Bread. The actor is Bo Dietl, a former NYPD officer and detective, now a private investigator. Here is his IMDB page:

And here is Pro Surfer, Kalani Robb; also featured in this campaign.

Here is the ad:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fiat 500 "At the beach" Powered by Beats party TV Commercial with Pitbull

The Fiat 500. I would definitely get one of these, too cool and so are the ads!

Here is a screen shot of the tv ad.

Featuring Pitbull for the music, muy caliente!!

Here is the ad:

Got Milk? "What, you don't like interrupted dreams? There might just be a drink for that,"

“Goddess” and “Flight”

Here is a screenshot of the Goddess that is seen in the beginning of the dream. Have no idea who it is.

And here is what the Goddess looks like when you are going to wake up from the dream.

This screenshot is the beginning of the flying dream, again, have no idea who it is.

The song is "The Extended Version of Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny"

Here are the ads: Swimming Goddess

Visa Signature Strength Training TV Commercial & Patrick Willis

Here is a screenshot of the Visa Signature Strength Training TV Commercial. Stars Patrick Willis, don't know the other fellow's name.

Here is Patrick Willis, who plays inside linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (I will train with him, lol)

And here is the ad:

FIAT 500 Abarth Cabrio "Topless" TV Commercial & Catrinel Menghia (Model) + 1 nasty Scorpion

Here is Catrinel Menghia, star of the Fiat Abarth TV Commercial (Jeesh, save some pretty for the rest of us, lol)

Here is the ad:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Geico "Happier than Dracula" TV commercial & Frankie Ray, Alex Harvey, Frank Caeti, Timothy Ryan Cole

Here is a still from the Geico Happier than Dracula TV Commercial.

This is Frankie Ray NOT Steve Valentine

Timothy Ryan Cole, playing Jimmy for Geico; not sure if this is correct.

Alex Harvey, playing Ronnie for Geico; not sure if this is correct.

This Frank Caeti, the blood donor.

And here is the ad:

Kia 2014 Forte "Hotbots / Fembots, Respect the tech" TV commercial

Here is a still of the Kia Forte 2014 Hotbots Respect the tech ad.

Here is Alyssa Campenella, former Miss USA as a Fembot.

Another pic of Alyssa.

Would love to know who the car shopper is. I like the ad, I think it's funny!

It might be, Trevor Einhorn

Oh, and the song is called, 360 Flip by Black Iris Music, here is the entire song:

Here is the ad:

Toyota "Let's go places / Whoopsy / Great Memory" TV commercial with Laurel Coppock & actor from Anna's Linens TV commercial

Here is a screen shot from the new Toyota ad, called, "Going Places". The dad is also the actor in Anna's Linens,

Here is Laurel Coppock, who often plays the receptionist in Toyota's ads.

McDonalds Egg White Sandwich TV Commercial with Justin Campbell and Melissa Greenspan

Here is Justin Campbell (Yes, he is Jake from the insurance ad!)

And his cohort, Melissa Greenspan

Here is the ad:

Volkswagon Passat "Sign then drive" TV Commercial

One of the most annoying ads on tv. A lot of people think the actress is saying, "Jeremy's Soup"! Are you kidding me? lol lol She is saying Tiramisu, which is an Italian dessert. Who approved that *take*?

If you know any of the three actors, let me know.

Here is the ad:

Dreyer's Slow Churned Ice Cream "Have it all" TV Commercial & Catherine Kresge (Foldger's Dancing Ad), & 1 unknown

I have been trying to find out who this gal is, no luck yet. Please let me know!

This is Catherine Kresge, also in the Dreyer's ad and in the Foldger's Dancing ad.

Here is the Dreyer's ad:

and here is the Foldger's ad with Catherine: