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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Got Milk? "What, you don't like interrupted dreams? There might just be a drink for that,"

“Goddess” and “Flight”

Here is a screenshot of the Goddess that is seen in the beginning of the dream. Have no idea who it is.

And here is what the Goddess looks like when you are going to wake up from the dream.

This screenshot is the beginning of the flying dream, again, have no idea who it is.

The song is "The Extended Version of Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny"

Here are the ads: Swimming Goddess


Casey Jo Burdeos said...

The flight commercial looks like Rupert Grint.

For_What_Its_Worth said...

Interestingly enough, Rupert did do a milk ad ... uk only? ....
But I dont find anyone yet for "flight"
The real actor might pop up as time goes by ... I am looking now, just found the song

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