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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Geico TV Advertisement with new spokesperson Cindy Drummond

Screenshot for the ad

Cindy Drummond
Known for the movie, Waitress

Here is the ad, "Spy, it's what you do:

Here is one more ad, called "The Hipster"

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kmart Back to school Layaway With Kelly Jenrette

Here is one of many screenshots for Kmart's Layaway ads, featuring Kelly

Photo of Kelly Jenrette

Watch Kelly on "Grandfathered" on Fox

Here is the ad

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Phoebe Neidhardt

Phoebe Neidhardt

New kid on the block that I found on Ad Week. I thought I would add her, before the questions start coming in. I am now finishing my Masters in Public Health and do not really have the time to devote to this as I did. I do have over 1 million hits and thank all of you for that.

Here are just a few of the ads that Phoebe has done:

From Adage: She hasn't yet reached Allyn Rachel(Toyota, Walmart, Pringles, Lucky Charms, McDonald's, eBay, Nokiaand more) or Melanie Paxson (Serta, Glad, Progressive Insurance, Fiber One, Target, Yoplait, Milo's Dog Treats and Red Robin) or Gillian Vigman (Progressive, Breathe Right, 1-800 Contacts, Nespresso, DirecTV and more) status.

But the actress -- who's appeared on TV shows including "Chuck" and "The Big Bang Theory" -- has been popping up in enough ads for other marketers that folks at home might start to get that weird "Hey, I've see her before" feeling.

She's the woman behind the AT&T counter in Sprint's recent ad starring David Beckham.


*Paper and Packaging Board

*Beneful dog food

*Volkswagon Jetta

Enjoy and if you have questions, just leave them and I will answer promptly!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

LensCrafter "New Glasses" TV Commercial with Benjamin Garnier

Screen for the ad. 

The astonishing and most disguinshed Benjamin Garnier 

Lyrica "Ongoing Pain / Hardware Center" TV Commercial with Tom Swanson, Terri Eoff, & Ryan Barr

Here is a screenshot for the ad.

The quite handsome fellow, who plays the husband, is Tom Swanson.

Terri Eoff, plays the wife.

Here is Ryan Barr, playing the employee who helps the husband. You might recognize Ryan from the Wendy's yard sale ad, and Samsung wedding ad.

Here is the ad:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Serta “iComfort Champ” TV Commercial with Melanie Paxson

Screens for the ad; if you know who the men are let me know.

Melanie Paxson, almost positive this is her in the ad. Let m know what you think. (And Melanie if you ever read this; you get the most views on my blog!)

Here is the ad:

Friday, May 23, 2014

Burger King “Burger Bucks Lottery Ticket Commercial: Chris” TV Commercial

Screenshot for the ad. So the ad is called "Chris" not sure if they are talking about the employee or the red hair fellow. Speaking of, I have seen him in other ads and cannot place him. I know I have posted other ads with him in it, but I cant remember his name. If you know who he is, let me know, I know I will be losing sleep over this one.

Here is the ad:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Firestone "Pick Up" TV Commercial with Daniel Johnston singing: True love will find you in the end

Screen for the ad.

I guess this ad is about a month old, I saw it tonight for the first time. I found the song, but none of the actors.

Here is the ad:

Daniel Johnston:

Outback Steakhouse “Moonshine BBQ / No Rules. Just Right” TV Commercial

Screen shot for the ad. The actor at the table is the same actor in the Drive Time Commercial, see below. If you who this is, let me know.

DriveTime “Episode IV: Next Stop Freedom”

Here is the Moonshine BBQ ad:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Taco Bell “A.M Crunchwrap One Handed Breakfast” TV Commercial with Michael Alaimo and Peter VanWagner

Michael Alaimo, also does the Progresso Soup ad and the ad where he pulls money from his grandson's hair. I have both of those ads, just do a search using Michael's name.

Cory Assink, he plays the grandson, has done quite a few spots in movies and tv. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and check out his other work on

Peter VanWagner
Thanks to Bill for the information!

Here is the ad: