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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dean Winters as Mr Mayhem & Allstate Commercials

Took me forever to look Dean up and it was by shear accident. I saw the commercial on Wednesday night and made a note to remind myself. Then I watched the season opener for Law and Order: SVU ... Hellllllooooooooo, Dean Winters was the costar of the episode! What a co-inky dinky. I think he is without a doubt, one of the sexiest men around, good golly (to keep it G rated). Anyway Dean does lots of TV, movies and is always Mr Mayhem playing the people that drive the worst

Here is a clip of him portraying a teen girl driver:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hyundai "Miss Decisive" TV Commercial & The Carangeenan MIlk Guy with Tate Hanyok and Jane Edith Wilson

Here is the screenshot for the Hyundai "Miss Decisive" ad.

Here is Tate Hanyok. She is also in the Got Milk Ad.
There are several actors and actresses in the Hyundai ad, one is Jane Edith Wilson.

Here is Jane Edith Wilson

Also in the Hyundai ad is Drue Delio and here he is. Check him out on IMDB.

In this ad, Tate has to choose a guy, and the one that she chooses, is the same guy from the Got Milk, Imitation milk name the ingredients commercial.

Here is a screenshot for the milk ad.

Here is the ad: you tube disabled the video

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches, Low Cloud, Haynes Brooke, and Sammy Kay. Michaela Watkins Jimmy Dean and "The Weather Girl"

Here Sammy Kaye (Plays Low Cloud) and Haynes Brooke (Plays Mr Sun in ALL the Jimmy Dean Breakfast Commercials). Both have been doing other work, go ahead and google them for more information.

Here is an ad call "Low Cloud":

Here is Michaela Watkins along with Haynes Brooke, in Jimmy Dean's Weather Girl commercial. Michaela is most recognizable from SNL 2008-2009, and as Matthew's girlfriend on The new adventures of old Christine.

Here is the video clip:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brennan Brown, Embassy Suites, Eddie Money & Geico TV Commercials

Here is Brennan Brown, he does most if not all of the Embassy Suites Commercials. He has done other tv spots, he is a familiar face, quite expressive.

Here is one of his spots:

Pretty sure that the new Geico commercial with Eddie Money has Brennan in it as a dad in a travel agency. If I am wrong, let me know.

Here is the ad:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lincoln MKX Commercial & John Slattery

Here is John Slatter driving the Lincoln MKX. I know him from Sex and the City, Season 3, episode 2; but he is also on Mad Men, or was. I think I read that he will be joining Arrested Development.

Here is the video:!

Supposedly this is him, too, from a 1980's SI commercial:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ion Television, Cold Case, and Modern Echo

Everyone wants to know the song that accompanies the Cold Case commercial on Ion Television. Its called Hold On by Modern Echo. You can find them on Reverb Nation and Facebook. Here is their website:

Here is the song:

Gillian Vigman: Swiffer, Chase No Plan Vacation Credit Card, Jack in the Box Wife

Here is Gillian, apparently she has done more tv spots than anyone; racking up more than 100 tv commercials. I like her as Jack's wife. And she is in the new Chase No Plan Vacation TV Ad. Keep up the good work Gillian

Here is the Chase video clip:

Also airing in my area for the first time is Gillian in a Swiffer ad. Apparently there is a reference to Pretty Little Liars, this is not the book she is reading. The song is Give me just a little more time.

Here is the clip:

Matt Oberg & "Howard" Macys Fall 2012 "What's in store?", Dawn McGee & Fiber One makes me sad! Gallagher at a Farmers Market

A tweaked version of the original

Here are Matt Oberg and Dawn McGee. They are in the Fiber One TV ad when the wife tells her husband that he needs to eat more fiber and he responds by telling her that fiber makes him sad. Its one of the funnier ads on TV.

And hey, Matt is gorgeous and so is Dawn; its amazing how much prettier they are in their every day life and head shots! Matt, if you dont want to eat fiber, its fine with me!

Go Matt, who is now in one of Geico's newest TV Commercials with Gallagher. Slow down the video or pause it and you will see Matt (with a blue sweater on) and his companion ask about the carbon footprint of cauliflower, lol only to get hammered with smashed watermelon. You can tell its Matt because of his deep voice.

Here is the clip:

Well Handsome Matt is back again, in a new commercial for Macy's. Its their new 2012 fall ad titled, "What's in store?" Lots of celebs in this one, and for me, Matt makes the ad, as he starts as Howard, Manager @ Macy's... not Justin Beiber. Way to go Matt! We love your voice; you are the Barry White of caucasians!!!

Here is a link giving more info on the ad, the music and the video clip:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Got milk? Plenty to go around ... carageenan

Tate Hanyok, the assistant also plays Miss Decisive in the Hyundai ad Here is the ad: you tube disabled the ad

Ion Televison and House Rerun TV Commercial, what song is that?

This is the ad for House to air it's reruns on Ion TV. The song for the ad is amazing. Its called "One more time" by Ian Curnow who has a huge resume, and was the keyboardist for the 80's band, "Talk Talk". The song can be found on Amazon; have not seen a video; the song is part of a multi-artist album. Go check it out.

Here is where you can buy and listen to the song.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cottonelle "Freshy Fresh" TV Commercial and Audrey Wasilewski, Sarah Gilman

Audrey Wasilewski

Sarah Gilman (currently on Last Man Standing)

This is the ad for Cottonelle. I have seen all three actors before and dont know their names or where I know them from. If you have their names, let me know, thanks!

Here is the ad: which you tube disabled -- assholes!

Arby's and the guy who is OK after a piano falls on him

This is the ad for Arby's where the guy who has a piano fall on him, gets up and walks away without a scratch. Looking for who the actor is, let me know if you know.

Here is the ad:

Allstate insurance, construction workers "Randy"

Here is another version of an Allstate ad, except Dennis doesnt come in until the end, however is voice is used whenever the actors talk. The main character is Randy. I am not able to find who any of the actors are; if you know let me know.

Here is the ad: