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Friday, September 27, 2013

AT&T Speed Dating Commercial and Agatha Nowicki and Brandon Keener

Screenshot for the ad.

Brandon Keener; Brandon has done a lot of tv work as well as movies.

Agatha Nowicki, Agatha played Kayla Greland on Law and Order: SVU, 2nd episode tonight ... good job!

Here is the ad:

Lupus "Brave Face" & Lil Critters Gummy Vitamins TV commercial

Here is a screenshot for the ad. I have not found the actress or the song.

Screenshot for Lil Critters Gummy Vitamins. I am pretty sure that its the same actress noted above for the Lupus ad.

Here is the gal from each ad, side by side, I think they are the same, but you never know.

And here is the Lupus ad:

Here is the Lil Critters Gummy Vitamins ad:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Motorola Moto X “Lazy Phone” TV Commercial with Chris Dougherty, Joy Lofton, and T.J. Miller

Screenshot for the ad.

Chris Dougherty, plays Allan.

Joy Lofton, plays woman next to Allan and has done a lot of other commercials,

T.J. Miller, plays the lazy phone (laying on the table).

Here is the ad:
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VW Volkswagon Passat "Lunch" TV Commercial with Andrew Patrick Ralston

Screenshot for the ad, funny; all these actors look familiar but I dont know their names ..... .

Andrew Patrick Ralston, plays the backseat rider & sits at the boardroom table; has done a lot of other commercials.

Here is the ad:

Knott's (Berry) Scary Farm Halloween 2013 TV Commercial

Screenshot for the ad:

Here is the ad:

Chevron 76 "Stop Honkaholism" TV Commercial with Todd Quillen, Mary Buckley, Gloria Heaton, and Jack Bendick

Here is a screenshot for Chevron 76's ad for stopping Honkaholism. (Thanks to Metney for the additional info on the actors and actresses)

Todd Quillen, plays the husband always honking his horn.

Mary Buckley, plays the concerned wife who gives him the 76 dashboard honker.

Gloria Heaton, who plays the older lady crossing in the crosswalk; slowly.

Jack Bendick, plays the boy crossing in the crosswalk.

Here is the ad:

mercedes benz CLA "Sell your soul" TV Commercial with Willem Dafoe, Sebastian Beacon, Kate Upton, and Usher

Screenshot for the ad.

Willem Dafoe, playing the devil.

Sebastian Beacon, plays man willing to sell his soul for the car.

Kate Upton, playing herself (model).

And Usher, also playing himself (singer).

Here is the ad:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IKEA “Welcome Home” TV Commercial with Phil McGlaston

Screenshot for the ad, still looking for the actors' names.

Here is the ad:

Cheeto's "Darts" TV Commercial

Screenshot for the ad. Still looking for the actors' names.

Here is the ad:

Dannos Oikos Yogurt “Butcher” TV Commercial

Screenshot for the ad. Still looking for the actors.

Here is the ad:

Alka-Seltzer Plus-D "Sick" with Adam Grimes

Screenshot for the ad.

Adam Grimes, plays the sick dude. Here is his website, talent guy:

Here is the ad:

Samsung UHD TV “Brother-in-Law” TV Commercial with Todd Wilkerson

Screenshot for the ad, still looking for the other actor.

Todd Wilkerson, plays the brother in law.

Here is the ad:

Sprint Zombie "Add a line" TV Commercial (#2) with Matthew Patrick Davis

Screenshot for the ad.

Matthew Patrick Davis, playing the Zombie.

Here is the ad:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coke Zero "Civilization" TV Commercial with Ryan Marsico and H. Jon Benjamin

Commercial still. Cute commercial, lots of names I havent found ... yet.

Ryan Marsico, plays guy with plaid shirt and beard. He has a funny facebook and twitter.

H. Jon Benjamin, does the voice over.

Here is the ad:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Google Nexus 7 "Fear-Less" TV Commercial with Emily Grace

Here are a couple of screenshots for the ad. Its a great ad, getting great reviews. Have no idea who the actor is; I will continue to search.

Emily Grace

Music by Fugu, song title: Pianolyre: Here is the ad:

Citi Bank Thank You Preferred Card "Katy Perry Fan" TV Commercial with Chris McKenna and Jamison Reeves

Screenshot for the ad.

Chris McKenna, plays the dad buying the concert tickets to Katy Perry.

Jamison Reeves (Thanks Roy Spray)

Emily Robinson (Thanks Roy Spray for contribution)

Here is the ad:

Chase Freedom “Saves the day” TV Commercial with Alan H Green

Screenshot for the ad.

Alan H Green, plays the Superhero that gives the Chase cardholder the 'thumbs up'.

Here is the ad:

Kleenex “Confessions” TV Commercial

Screenshot for the ad .... very funny ad and gross at the same time!

Here is the ad:

2014 Toyota Corolla “Style Never Goes Out Of Style” TV Commercial Levon Rector, Aviel A.V. Ayoung, Jaden Betts, Jay M. Brooks, and Porscha Coleman

Screenshot for the ad. Music includes: Rusty Cage - Soundgarden, Le Freak - Chic, Twenty Five Miles - Edwin Starr, Orion - Shy Kidx, Rockit - Herbie Hancock.

Levon Rector, driver of the Toyota.

Aviel A.V. Ayoung, breakdancer.

Jaden Betts, breakdances on top of car.

Jay M. Brooks, plays a DJ.

Porscha Coleman, plays Soul Train dancer.

Here is the ad: