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Friday, September 20, 2013

Honey Nut Cheerios “Be Happy, Be Healthy” TV Commercial with Billy West & Jacy King (AT&T - Uverse/Mrs. Kelly)

Here is the screenshot for the Cheerios commercial

Here is Billy West, voice of the bee and many other voices, look him up!!

And here is Jacy King, insect collector? (From her website): Jacy was most recently scene on "Grey's Anatomy". Her current commercial campaigns include Tidy Cat, Eggos, Con Agra, Cumberland Farms, Barnes & Noble "Nook", Fiber One, and Miracle Grow. She also plays the female lead in "The Revenant", an independent feature making the rounds in the film festival circuits, which will hopefully be in theaters soon.

Jacy is also in a new AT&T commercial. She plays Mrs. Kelly with her husband Walter and 2 kids. I havent been able to locate the video, but I know its her.

I was able to get a screenshot of the AT&T ad, must be its not a national ad and only in my area. Anyway here is a screenshot with Jacy

Here is a link to the ad:

Here is the ad for HoneyNut Cheerios:

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