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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Progresso Rich & Hearty Creamy Alfredo Soup "Perfection/Too tasty" and Charles Bodin

Here is a screenshot for the ad.

Michael Alaimo, plays older Chef. He is also plays the Grandpa State Farm Coin Trick ad, and he was in Betty White's new show. Check his work on IMDB:

Here is Charles Bodin, playing the apprentice chef.

Here is the ad:


BBW_Bunnie said...

The head chef looks like Martin Landau!!

For_What_It's_Worth said...

Yea, it really does look like him. I am trying to verify that it is him, but I am not coming up with anything. I'll try and get the information from Progresso; stop by again, thanks! =:=

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