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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chevron 76 "Stop Honkaholism" TV Commercial with Todd Quillen, Mary Buckley, Gloria Heaton, and Jack Bendick

Here is a screenshot for Chevron 76's ad for stopping Honkaholism. (Thanks to Metney for the additional info on the actors and actresses)

Todd Quillen, plays the husband always honking his horn.

Mary Buckley, plays the concerned wife who gives him the 76 dashboard honker.

Gloria Heaton, who plays the older lady crossing in the crosswalk; slowly.

Jack Bendick, plays the boy crossing in the crosswalk.

Here is the ad:


Metney said...

Husband Honker... Todd Quillen
Wife ....Mary Buckley
Grandma....Gloria Heaton
Kid....Jack Bendick

For_What_It's_Worth said...

Thanks for all of this info. I have updated the entry; thanks again!!

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