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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 TV Commercial 'Quick Snooze' The next big thing is here with Mia Fields

Here is a screen shot of the new Samsung TV ad. I don't know who the dad/actor is, but the baby is Mia Fields.

Here is the ad:

Honey Nut Cheerios TV Commercial, 'Reverse Psychology'

I couldn't find a screen shot or the name of the actress is for the mom. If you know, let me know! Thanks.

Here is Griffin Gluck who plays the son. He was in Just go with it and a few other shows and movies; quite the resume!!

Here is the ad:

Perrier "Melt Down" TV commercial with Music by Camille "Waves"

Here are a couple of screen shots from the Perrier Melt down ad. I don't know who the actress is, but the song is called Waves by Camille.

Here is a side-by-side of Rebecca Mader from Lost and the actress in the TV ad. Striking resemblance, not sure if its her; I will wait for verification while I try to confirm this myself. (Thanks to the reader that gave me her name).

Here is the ad:

Here is the link to the director's cut with a different ending:

Vaseline Spray and Go TV Commercial with Emma Chadwick

Vaseline Spray and Go

Here is Emma Chadwick (ballet dancer), star of the commercial.

And here is the ad:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Applebees TV Commercial, 'New Lunch Combos' with Maribeth Monroe & Eileen O'Connell (Cox Business TV Commercial)

Here is a new ad from Applebee's.

Here is Maribeth Monroe, the other actress in the ad.

Here is Eileen O'Connell; who everyone wants to know, and now we know. Check out her profile on IMDB; she is also in a Cox commercial, I think more than one.

Here is the ad:

Here is the ad for Cox:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tide: "Better together" Stained Princess Dress: Elladia Jones & Jesse Teeters

Here is the Tide screenshot.

Here is Elladia Jones, who plays the daughter.
And her site:

And here is Jessie Teeters, who plays the dad. And he has a website:

And here is the ad:

Yoplait: "It's So Good!" Swapportunity Mom with daughter & cupcakes. Featuring: Paige Fitzgerald, Erin Leigh Peck, Lisa Kudrow

Here is Lisa Kudrow, who does the voice over for this Yoplait ad.

Here is Erin Leigh Peck, who portrays the Mom.

And here is Paige Fitzgerald, who plays the daughter.

And here is the ad:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Palmolive Soft Touch “Tough on Grease. Soft on Hands.” with Susie Castillo

Here is a screenshot of Palmolive's Hand Model tv ad.

And here is Susie Castillo, as the hand model who is doing the dishes. Susie was Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1998 and won the Clairol Herbal Essence Style Award at the Miss Teen USA 1998 Pageant. Go Susie!

Here is the ad:

Walgreens "The road trip and raccoons" “At The Corner of Happy and Healthy”

Here is a screenshot from Walgreen's Raccoon ad; very funny! I dont know any of the actors, if you do, let me know!

Here is the ad:

Verizon Sky Diving Droid Razr TV Commercial with Travis Wong

This is Travis Wong, he is the sky diver in white. And he is also a quadruple threat. Check out his resume on if you dare. He is an actor, dancer, stuntman and marshall arts expert! And yet, he still has time to be cute!

Here is the ad: You tube pulled this video as well

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kayak “Search One And Done” TV Commercial with Andy Spencer and Michael Liu

Here is a screenshot for the Kayak ad.

Here is Andy Spencer.

And Michael Liu. Both fellows are very funny.

And here is the ad:

Subway "It's Avocado Season" TV Commercial with Buffy Charlet

Here is screenshot #1, have no idea who this actress is.

And screenshot #2, have no idea who the baby is. The actress is the lovely Buffy Charlet.

Here is another pic of Buffy.
And here is the ad:

Cheetos "Catapult" TV Commercial with Tijana Popovic & Chester

Here is the screenshot for the Cheetos ad showing Chester the cheetah.

And here is Tijana Popovic; she's stunning and has been in a handful of movies and tv shows.

Here is the ad:

Sears "This is Sears" TV Commercial Task Force - Chicago & The Law and Order Look-alikes

Here is a screenshot for the ad. I have looked for the actors with no luck, I think the gal looks like Marishka Hargitay from Law and Order: SVU. I also think that Sears chose the title, "Task Force Chicago" because ............. drum roll please ........... The Sears Tower (renamed The Willis Tower in Mar of '09) is in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My opinion only).

Here is the ad:

Mountain Dew Kickstart "Kickstart your day" TV Commercial with Norbert Torok & Kid Cudi "Up, up and away"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 Chevrolet Cruze LS "Crazy and Insane" TV commercial & Alexandra Ella

Here is Alexandra Ella; sooo cute! She is on Mad Men and has done a handful of movies. She is the driver in the ad, dont know who the other gal (Chevy Sales rep in passenger seat) is.

I would give this my funny ad of the week reward, cracks me up everytime!

Here is the ad:

Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 "That's Powerful" TV Commercial

Here is the screen shot for the Nokia ad; lots of people in this ad, I am trying to find the red head gal, she looks so familiar; can't figure out who it is.

And here is Shaughn Buchholz, supposedly he is in this ad.

Here is the ad:

Suburu “Confidence In Motion” Trying new things couple (Kevin Christy)

Here is the screen shot for the Suburu ad, I am still looking for who the actress is. let me know if you know.

And here is Kevin Christy who plays the significant other. He is stand up comic, here is his bio page:

And here is the ad:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Geico "Money Man on a boat" TV Commercial with DCP Productions, Mike McGlone, Julie Docherty, & Sarah Hester

Here is a screenshot for the new Geico Money Man on a boat ad.

Mike McGlone

Julie Docherty, model signed with Elite Miami.

Sarah Hester, model as well, not sure who she is signed with.

Here is the ad:

Sunday, June 9, 2013

McDonald's Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie TV Commercial @ The Americana at Brand in Glendale

Here is a screenshot of the smoothie, I have not found any of the actor/actresses names.

Here is the ad (filmed in Glendale, CA at The Americana)

Target "Summer Up" TV Commercial Ula Ula

Here is a screenshot for the new Target ad. I love it, Target has the best tv ads, hands down, no question about. And surprisingly, they do not use the same agency; I found at least 5 different agencies that they have used, yet each ad has the same flavor about it.

The song is Ula Ula by Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas.

Here is the ad:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Boost Mobile "Cell Block" T.V. Commercial BE HEARD CAMPAIGN 2011 with Whitney M.

Here is a screen shot for the ad; I don't know the actress is that plays Whitney M. or the song that is playing that people want to, but I am working on it.

Here is the ad:

Jack in the box "Social Media Intern" and Rachel Grate

Here is the still for the Jack in the box, Social Media Girl.

And here is Rachel Grate, the actress for the ad. She has done a couple of All State ads and one for Pier 1 and you can like her on Facebook; please check her out on IMDB, she has done a lot of tv and movie spots:

Here is the ad:

Acura ILX, Meineke, Keurig Coffee and Mike Ivers

Here is Mike Ivers. He is one of two actors that are in the Acura ILX ad; both ads are popular for the hot guys, the hot music, or just the car. In Mike's ad Nick Waterhouse is singing, Say I wanna know. Mike is in the Airport version. You can check other spots Mike has done:

Here is the ad:

The Acura ILX tv commercial is The Office and I dont know who the actor is, yet. He is just as cute though. The song in this version is "Hit Me Down Sonny" by The Ting Tings.

Mike is now in a Meineke TV ad, see my blog entry for this:;postID=4103865443561746333;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname