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Friday, June 14, 2013

Sears "This is Sears" TV Commercial Task Force - Chicago & The Law and Order Look-alikes

Here is a screenshot for the ad. I have looked for the actors with no luck, I think the gal looks like Marishka Hargitay from Law and Order: SVU. I also think that Sears chose the title, "Task Force Chicago" because ............. drum roll please ........... The Sears Tower (renamed The Willis Tower in Mar of '09) is in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My opinion only).

Here is the ad:


Cole MacGrath said...

No, sorry, it isn't. It was renamed The Willis Tower in Mar of '09.

For_What_Its_Worth said...

Thanks for the info, I had no idea -- why would it be renamed, kind of anti religious to me, lol
Stop by anytime!

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