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Monday, March 31, 2014

Cadillac 2014 Spring Event Clearance "Playground" TV Commercial with Rick Otto

Rick Otto, thanks to Tina for the answer ... (maybe I would've known had I of watched The Walking Dead)>
Here is the ad:

Audi 6 2014 “My Dad's a Space Alien” TV Commercial with Sophia Tully

Couple of stills for the ad; I have no names for the actors (Mom and Dad). Let me know if you know.

Sophia Tully, plays the daughter.

Here is the ad, which I think won a few awards in best commercial category:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pillsbury® Toaster Strudel® "Worst morning ever" with Gregory Von Straussen

Still for the ad, still looking for the boy at the table (Not Hans)

Gregory Von Straussen, brand ambassador for the pastries.

Here is the ad:

Just For Men "AutoStop / Foolproof / Golf game" TV Commercial

Still for the ad, if you know any of the actors let me know.

Charlie Hopkins, plays the golfer, for more info see IMDB.

Here is the ad:

Zyrtec "Dissolve Tablets " TV Commercial with Fiona Robert

Still for the ad, love this commercial, if you know who the actresses are let me know, I havent been able to find any of them.

The lovely Fiona Robert, thanks for the info Myste Blue.

Here is the ad:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Lincoln Luxury Event Uncovered at Dupuis Lincoln with Celeste Beatrice Creel

Still for the ad.

Celeste Creel, for more info check google and IMDB.

Here is the ad:

Scotts Turf Builder "Grass Seed / Lawn Food" TV Commercial with Phil McKee

Still for the ad, actually its for the Lawn Patch ad, but I dont have a clip for it. I know who Phil McKee is, but I am looking for the other fellow.

Phil McKee, plays the red head actor.

Here is one of the ads:

LaQuinta Inns and Suites "Gorilla in the room on top the table" TV Commercial with Maribeth Monroe

Still for the ad. Know the gorilla or other actors? Let me know.
Maribeth Monroe, thanks to John for the information.

Here is the ad:

Lucky Charms Cereal "Transported out of the office" TV Commercial with Erica Piccininni

Still for the ad.

Erica Piccininni, more info @IMDB.

Here is the ad:

Silk Almond Milk " Moo / Helps You Bloom" TV Commercial

Still for the ad, know the actress? Let me know.

Here is the ad:

Listerine Mouth Wash "Everything your mouth does" TV Commercial

Still for the ad, if you know who this mouth belongs to, let me know.

Here is the ad:

5 Gum Ascent TV Commercial

Still for the ad, I havent been able to locate actors, let me know if you know.

Here is the ad:

Pepsi Soda "Mini Cans / Mini Hollywood" TV Commercial with Charles Boden

Still for the ad; lots of people in the ad, I only know one, any help would be appreciated or not:

Chales Boden, the first actor in the ad, he is also in the Progresso Soup where the Chef puts him through the ringer before he accepts his soup.

Here is the ad:

AT&T "Seal the deal" TV Commercial with Milana Vayntrub & Corie Vickers

Still for the ad.

Milana Vayntrub plays the AT&T employee. There are more ads, as this is a series like Flo with Progressive. (That's why there is only one)

Corie Vickers, has done so many tv shots, I recognized her from Prison Break and Without a Trace.

Here is the ad:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Discover It card "Fico score / surprise birthday party" TV Commercial with Matt Shallenberger

Still for the ad; looking for the Discover employee actor.

Matt Shallenberger plays the guy who doesnt like surprise parties.

Here is the ad:

SoCal Honda (Southern California Honda) "Spring into a Honda Sale / Helpful Wallet / Exterminate / Banana" TV Commercial with Alex Aschinger & Amy Lloyd

Still for the ad, if you know the actress, please let me know -- this is not a national ad, so its been hard for me to locate the actors/actresses.

Alex Aschinger plays the Honda salesman, google him as he has done other ads and projects as well!.

Amy Lloyd

Here is the ad:

Payless Shoe Source "Fashion Sale / Style and Comfort" TV Commercial

Still for the ad.

Allison Raskin, plays main character in ad.

Here is the ad:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Subaru Outback 2013 "Painting on easel" TV Commercial

Still for the ad.

Sean Dwyer, plays the husband/boyfriend.

Aimee Shyn, plays the wife/girlfriend.

Here is the ad:

Boost Mobile "Purse Theft" TV Commercial with Angela Fong and Elizabeth Di Prinzio

Still for the ad. Know who's driving the cycle? Let me know!

Elizabeth Di Prinzio, plays the gal whose purse gets lifted but then returned with money.

Angela Fong, ries the back of the motorcycle, takes purse, puts money in it, then returns to rightful owner.

Here is the ad:

Pringles Tortilla Chips "Fake / Pretend dipping" TV Commercial

Still for the ad. Havent been able to find out who the actors are.

Here is the ad:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Experian "Identity Theft" TV Commercial with Jacy King

Still for the ad:

The lovely and talented Jacy King; do a search for her on my blog for more ads, she has done quite a few.

Here is the ad:

Downy "Unstopables" TV Commercial with Amy Sedaris

Still for the ad.

Amy Sedaris, spokesperson for Downy. My first time seeing her was on Sex and the City, and next on Law and Order.

Here is the ad:

TWC "Time Warner Cable on demand" TV Commercial with Jimmy Fallon

Still for the ad, looking for the actress, along with everyone else, and Todd; if you know who they are let me know.

Here is the ad:

Kmart "Layaway Brenda and Paul Name Tag" TV Commercial with Punam Patel and Pat Reidy

Still for the ad, showing Brenda and Paul.

Punam Patel plays Brenda .... so funny, good job!

Still of Brenda.

Pat Reidy as Paul! Thanks to Myra for the information!

Here is the ad: