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Friday, September 14, 2012

Matt Oberg & "Howard" Macys Fall 2012 "What's in store?", Dawn McGee & Fiber One makes me sad! Gallagher at a Farmers Market

A tweaked version of the original

Here are Matt Oberg and Dawn McGee. They are in the Fiber One TV ad when the wife tells her husband that he needs to eat more fiber and he responds by telling her that fiber makes him sad. Its one of the funnier ads on TV.

And hey, Matt is gorgeous and so is Dawn; its amazing how much prettier they are in their every day life and head shots! Matt, if you dont want to eat fiber, its fine with me!

Go Matt, who is now in one of Geico's newest TV Commercials with Gallagher. Slow down the video or pause it and you will see Matt (with a blue sweater on) and his companion ask about the carbon footprint of cauliflower, lol only to get hammered with smashed watermelon. You can tell its Matt because of his deep voice.

Here is the clip:

Well Handsome Matt is back again, in a new commercial for Macy's. Its their new 2012 fall ad titled, "What's in store?" Lots of celebs in this one, and for me, Matt makes the ad, as he starts as Howard, Manager @ Macy's... not Justin Beiber. Way to go Matt! We love your voice; you are the Barry White of caucasians!!!

Here is a link giving more info on the ad, the music and the video clip:


Mike Boland said...

The actress in this spot is actually Dawn McGee, a New York actress and a good friend. And she is just as pretty in real life as in her head shot.

For_What_Its_Worth said...

Thanks, I will make sure that I change that and add her photo!

Mike Boland said...

Thanks. -MIKE

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