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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dean Winters as Mr Mayhem & Allstate Commercials

Took me forever to look Dean up and it was by shear accident. I saw the commercial on Wednesday night and made a note to remind myself. Then I watched the season opener for Law and Order: SVU ... Hellllllooooooooo, Dean Winters was the costar of the episode! What a co-inky dinky. I think he is without a doubt, one of the sexiest men around, good golly (to keep it G rated). Anyway Dean does lots of TV, movies and is always Mr Mayhem playing the people that drive the worst

Here is a clip of him portraying a teen girl driver:


Unknown said...

Dean while shooting the pilot for Happy Town contracted a bacterial infection resulting in him being in coma for 3 weeks. A subsequent case of gangrene set in and he lost a portion of a thumb and several toes. He was a regular cast member of Law & Order SVU in the first season.

nfitz said...

Dean is also in P.S. I Love You as the guy that one of the best friends (played by Lisa Kudrow).

Unknown said...

He's also featured in the last season of SVU. He & Olivia got back together. If you want to see "more" of him, check out "Oz". It's a short-lived cable prison show. (The show was notorious for full frontal nudity of its male cast members.)

For_What_It's_Worth said...

Yes, Law and Order is already noted in my description above, and the porn part of your message? Not interested, sorry

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