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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Citibank Jocelyn Deboer and Daniel Sabo (Jack and Lauren) in "The Ex", "Boring Guy" starring Alicia Keyes

Here are Jocelyn Deboer and Daniel Sabo in Citibank's boring guy commercial. Jocelyn plays Lauren who dumps Jack (Daniel) because he is boring, so he starts to redeem his Citibank points for back stage passes to meet celebrities. At the end of the commercial he meets Alicia Keyes who sings her new song, This girl is on fire.

Jocelyn is an accomplished actress, you can find out more about her on @

Daniel is spokesperson for an elite brand of alcohol, and is an accomplished stage actor. I am sure that we will see more of him.

Here is what I know so far:

Daniel Sabo (Jeff) is thrilled to be a part of Four Gorn Conclusions. NY Theatre: Talk Thirty to Me, Clemenza and Tessio are Dead, Popcorn, Burn This, Taking Steps, Michael and the Wee Man, Idiot’s Delight, Othello and Romeo & Juliet. Film: This Charming Boy, Present Tense, and Accione. Daniel is also the creator, writer, and star of the upcoming Stepstone Media sitcom Spilt Milk. He is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts NY and Villanova University, and currently resides in Brooklyn with his lovely fiancĂ©e and their pet schnauzer doorstop. Daniel is grateful for the unwavering support of his family and friends. Much love to Esther, Mom, Dad, Tim, Grams & Gramps, and Aunt Liz.

I am pretty sure that the new Verizon Wireless commercial that I just saw features him.

Here is the Citibank video:

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