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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Geico "Camel Hump Day" TV Commercial with Timothy Ryan Cole, Andrew Anthony, Chris Sulivan, Lesley Tsina, Lindsay Stoddart, Michael Clark (University of Phoenix/Red Socks Ad), & Alex Harvey

Here is a screenshot for the ad.

Here is Chris Sulivan, who is the voice for the camel.

Here is Andrew Anthony who does the voice over for the commercial, he is also the voice actor for EA sports.

Here is Timothy Ryan Cole, who plays Jimmy.

Here is Lesley Tsina, plays Lesley in the ad.

Here is Lindsey Stoddart, she plays Julie in the ad.

Here is Michael Clark, plays Mike and he is in the University of Phoenix ad.

Here is the University of Phoenix ad:

Here is Alex Harvey on the left, playing Ronnie.

Here is the Geico ad:


Sam Wheeler said...

Omg like I love this geico ad

Sam Wheeler said...

By far the funniest I love it

For_What_It's_Worth said...

I concur; saw again today and just rolled. The camel has such an attitone!

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