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Sunday, November 10, 2013

DSW "Shoe Lovers" TV Commercial with John Pearson & Valeria Dmitrienko

Here is a screenshot for the 2nd ad featuring that 'hot' couple.

He is also in a newly released Charles Schwab ad.

John Pearson, male supermodel (I'll say) Thanks to Lady Juliana for the information!!

And Valeria Dmitrienko, model.

And here is the new ad:


Anonymous said...

The model's name is John Pearson;
"Our male model was John Pearson—the first male supermodel (totally crazy, right?!). "-

For_What_It's_Worth said...

Wow, thanks so much. He is prob the most handsome older guy in ads/media today .... his older photos look like Morrissey, also another English hottie!!

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