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Saturday, November 30, 2013

State Farm "To get a better state" TV Commercial with Justin Campbell and Caryne Shea

Screenshot for the ad.

This is Justin Campbell who plays the husband in the Jake

Caryne Shea, plays the wife ............. Gawd, took me forever to find her, and now its all over the internet, duh!

Here is the ad:


William Cawley said...

Lol... Too funny.. I grew up with this joker..

For_What_Its_Worth said...

Too funny

John Barker said...

He is now in the McDonalds egg white commercial, but his wife is a lot hotter in the egg whitecommercial.

For_What_Its_Worth said...

Sure looks like her, but I will have to confirm it first. Thanks for the info; sure would solve a huge mystery

kitkat said...

This one is priceless & stays stuck in your mind. I never get tired of it & still laugh when I see it!

Asia Pennington said...

Who is the guy in the background?

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