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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt with John Stamos, Jessica Blackmore, and Louise Griffiths

This is Jessica Blackmore. She is the gorgeous gal that does the Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt 'Superbowl' TV Ad with John Stamos.

Here is the ad:

Here is Louise Griffiths. She is the actress in the Oikos Yogurt commercial who is hosting a party and she says after each party gift is received, "Possibly the best in the world" There is no video

Louise is also in an ad for Fancy Feast Story book wedding, and there might have been two before this ad that Louise also did
Here is the ad for Fancy Feast:

Louise is also in another ad, a new ad for Lays Potato Chips. Saw it for the first time on 07.15.2012. And here is the ad video clip:

And, Louise has done another Fancy Feast Cat commercial, guess its been around for a couple of months, but its just now airing prime time on the west coast.

Here is the video clip:


DynaSteve said...

she also does the "Axe Clean your Balls" video commercial, which is Hilarious!

For_What_It's_Worth said...

How could I miss that? lol
I will go check it out now, thanks for stopping by!

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