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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mountain Dew Eagle Boss Lady with Bonnie Aarons

Here is Bonnie Aarons. She is the Mountain Dew Boss Lady who shrieks after having a drink of her Mountain Dew. Why? Not sure, but it works for me. She is a very accomplished actress, memorable looks and presence!

Here is the Mountain Dew ad:

**Surprisingly, there are 3 more commercials that use this same Eagle sound byte, Acura ILX, Crystal Geyser, and the new ad for Disney Adventure Car Land ad. When I find the videos to match, I will upload them here.

Surprise, surprise .. Kraft's new I.D. gum has a new tv commercial to launch and it too, uses the Eagle sound clip. 07.29.2012: Another surprise, Geico has an ad thats using the Eagle Sound Byte:

08.05.2012: San Manuel Indian Tribe uses the Eagle Sound Byte.

Too bad I cant find any of these ads or the sound byte!

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