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Thursday, April 3, 2014

TWC (Time Warner Cable) "Settling for 2nd best" TV Commercial with Nadia Quinn, Connor Ratliff, & Bill Cower

Nadia Quinn is in the ad, she plays the wife who has settled for 2nd best in terms of cable, but also infers that she has settled as well for her husband (who i dont know). I cant find a clip, if you can find the video let me know, have a feeling that its not a national commercial. You may recognize Nadia from several other ads .. She played Beth in Cheerios Whole Grain, Yoplait book reading club, and a ton of others. She is multitalented!!

Connor Ratliff plays the husband. I am on my way to find out more, as I have seen him before. Great commercial!!


Trece said...

Help! Who plays the husband? I thought it was the guy from Suits, but he's too old.

Anonymous said...

Connor Ratliff

For_What_It's_Worth said...

Thanks for the info @anonymous donor!

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