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Sunday, December 15, 2013

(Sanofi) Act Restoring Mouthwash TV Commercial

Screenshots for the ad. I looked up who the blonde is, and in 3 places it states Yvonne Zimer ... who I cannot find anywhere, I have even used different spellings. So if you can confirm this person or know if its a different person, I will add their name to the title area of this post. Sanofi is the owner of Act products and they are a European company. It could be that their ads are done in France and not the U.S., making it hard to locate the actresses and actors in the Act ads.

Here is the ad:


The Skeptician said...

The actress name is Shelby. She is from texas

M2M Mike said...

who is the young guy in the smartmouth mouthwash commercials?

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