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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meineke TV Ads: Mike Keller, Brent Hampson, Mike Ivers, Michael Klucher

This is Michael Klucher, he has also been noted for doing Meineke commercials, not sure if he plays the employee or customer.

This is Brent Hampson, in the most recent Meineke TV ads. There are about 3 new ads, each featuring Brent; I am assuming that he is the Meineke employee, the other two guys are customers.

I want to say that Mike Ivers (from the Acura ILX TV ads) is one of the actors playing the customer. I checked his website and the last update was August of 2012.

Just found one of the three new ads that I am talking about, and the customer in this ad is indeed Mike Ivers:

At any rate, does anyone else think these 3 guys are hot, hot, hot?!

Here is a screenshot of my favorite Meineke TV ad, called "Free is good!"

Here is Meineke Mike; the cutest one!!

And here is Meineke Mike aka Mike Keller, who was nice enough to stop by and tell me who he is (made my day)!!

And here is the ad, different one than before:


mkeller said...

The actor playing Meineke Mike is me, Mike Keller. :)

For_What_Its_Worth said...

Seriously? Oh, I can't believe it! You are are so cute (Sorry, I am so star struck, to the point that it's embarrassing!! And I live near so many in the entertainment industry, and still almost faint)
Well, I am so glad that you stopped by to tell me this, you made my day!! Wow! Someone pinch me!
I will add your info in my tonight; best of luck with your career and thanks again for letting me know who you are.
Most of my family is in the industry; here are my brothers, they are drivers: you might run into them in the future: and

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