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Friday, June 29, 2012

Dove Ice Cream Bars "Only You" with Janelle Fishman

Here is Janelle Fishman

Here is the ad:

Magnum Ice Cream TV Commercial with Rachel Bilson

Here is Rachel Bilson. She is the gal that gets stuck in traffic, then upon seeing a Magnum Ice Cream delivery truck, jumps out, hopping from car to car to get to the ice cream. The good looking truck driver gets out and hand her a Magnum bar.

Here is the adl:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TV Commercials filmed in Burbank, CA

Currently there are about 10 different, recent TV commercials that were filmed in Burbank. Several of the Allstate ads were shot in Burbank. I think there first one was filmed right outside of Hooters on First and Cypress Aves.

Ford has two, both on Magnolia; while State Farm used Cypress and First Avenues, the latest on San Fernando Rd near Magnolia Blvd.
Ford Fusion filmed on Magnolia:

The other is Ford Edge Obssessed, with Mike and his pregnant wife Leah; also filmed on Magnolia Blvd.
Here is the clip:

Monday, June 25, 2012

California Black Lottery Scratchers "Lady Luck" TV Commercial with Diana Gettinger

Here is Diana Gettinger. She plays Lady Luck in the new California Black Scratchers Lottery TV Ad. I am not sure of her resume. Apparently, some women's coalition group is trying to have the ad pulled from TV; probably sends a bad message or gives women a bad name. The song was written by a group called Human, as of yet there is no name for the song (not in its full version).

Here is the ad:

State Farm "State of Unrest" TV Commercial wtih Jake, Justin Campbell, & Caryne Shea

Caryne Shea, plays the wife. Thanks to James for the info!!

Here is the ad:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ken's Salad Dressing and Digiorno's Pizza TV Commercials with Steven Christopher

Here is Steven Christopher Parker. He played the tall dorky kid in Rebound, the basketball movie with Martin Lawrence. He is now in the Ken's Salad Dressing, and Digiorno's Pizza TV ads. He is in others and has really started to appear a lot on TV. I just love his work; its so good to see more of him on TV.

Here is the ad:

Progressive "Big John" "Big Money" & Big Bang Theory

This is John Ross Bowie, from the Progressive Insurance TV ads, he used to be in the band Egghead and has appeared in several TV shows and movies! Who knew?

Progressive Insurance "Flo" & The Heartbreak Kid

This is Stephanie Courtney, stand-up comedienne who plays "Flo" for Progressive Insurance and was in The Heartbreak Kid. I totally love her!

Fiber One, Allstate Insurance "We're Connected Hippy" TV Commercials with D.C. Pierson

Here is D.C. Pierson: comedian, has appeared on Community, does the great "We're connected Allstate commercial"

D.C. is also in a new Fiber One Cereal Commercial, where he is sitting on the couch. His hair is shorter though.

Here is the Fiber One ad:

Here is the Allstate ad:

Domino's Pizza and Weeds

Here is Indigo. She does the Domino's Pizza TV ad and is on Weeds. I have never seen her ads, but I ran across the info and thought it worthy to add.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Honda Accord "Reliable Warranty" TV Commercial with Abigail Marlowe

Here is Abigail Marlowe. She is the salesman that tries to talk the couple into thinking that a car is reliable if the warranty is good enough.
She has also been in the Febreze ad, Verizon ad, Maxwell House French Press ad, the Chlorox Volcano ad; here is a link to more of her work.

Target ... "Open, open, open, open!" TV Commercial with Maria Bamford

Here is Maria Bamford. She is the crazy customer in all the great Target TV ads. I love Target commercials. I dont know who their advertising agency is, but the writing is superior to most TV ads. Maria is talented, memorable, and drives the Holiday Shopping Craze home! She has done more than one Target commercial, but I only posted one.

Here is the ad:

Goldmax TV Commercial with Robin Leach

Here is Robin Leach, spokesperson for Goldmax.

Allstate Car Insurance TV Commercial with Dennis Haysbert

Here is Dennis Haysbert. He is currently in The Unit and does all the infamous TV ads for Allstate Insurance; which were filmed in Burbank between Cypress Ave and First Street not too far from Hooters.
There is a newer ad that features him walking downtown Burbank right around Urban Outfitters. Also some of the newer ads feature his voice, not him; like Barry White he has a deep noticeable voice.

Here is the ad:

Bob Wiltfong: Nationwide Insurance and Chevy Cruze

Here is Bob Wiltfong. He is the fellow that is showing a Chevy to a gal on the showroom floor, while the both of them go back and forth on how to pronounce words. I think its a horrible ad for Chevy, since the salesman gives the thumbs up to another salesman when he thinks that she will buy the car because he goes along with her correction of tomato to potato. Nevertheless, Bob is a cutie.
I think Bob is also in the commercial for Nationwide Insurance, he is the salesman who is holding the customer's coffee while they are turned upside down in a car.
Bob was also on Modern Family last night, played a fellow named Jerry (Modern Family epi 4.9)

V8 Juice TV Commercial with Cassandra Peterson

Here is Cassandra Peterson. Not only is she the infamous Elvira, she is the gal sitting down at a table, reading a paper, when all of the sudden Jackie Chan drops in to switch drinks on her.

Here are the ads:

Zyrtec, V8, Dunkin Donuts, Charter, Athenos, Audi TV Commercials with Megan Paul

Here is Megan Paul; she is the gal in the V8 TV ads that is walking on the street; then Jackie Chan comes along, takes her drink then gives her a V8. She is also in a Dunkin Donuts ad, Charter ad, but I have not seen them. Might not being showing in California.

She is also in the Audi commercial, where the guy tells her to lid her coffees because he will be the next owner of her car. And she plays Michelle in the Athenos ad where the grandmother says she dresses like a prostitute.

Here are 3 clips: Athenos,



Progresso Soup and Fiber One/Number One Cereal

I have been trying to find the actress that plays Jack's mom in the Fiber One and Progresso Soup TV ads.
In Fiber One, she forgets to buy her son's (Jack) cereal, so her husband covers up the word, Fiber and renames the cereal, Number One.
She also plays the gal who calls into Progresso to tell them that her pants fit, the man on the other end has no reaction and she finally asks to talk to a woman to get her validation. Shame on you Progresso.
Today I found the actress who is in these 2 above TV ads, I am pretty sure that its Arianne Zucker.
She is also in an ad for Perle Vision and Lean Cuisine. If I can find the videos, I will come back and repost them.

Here is the Fiber One Honey Nut Clusters ad: